• Holidays in Dubai Cheap - 5 Eventful Places for Music Lovers

    Holidays in Dubai Cheap - 5 Eventful Places for Music Lovers

    Your holidays in Dubai cheap will be one of the most incredible holiday experiences because Dubai is a city that never ceases to amaze its guests. The city has developed itself into a magnificent entertainment centre that aims to ensure an enjoyable and memorable time for everyone, especially the tourists. There are several astonishing achievements of Dubai that astonish everyone who visits the city, including outdoor activities  for people who love the beach, architecture, food, culture and music.

    Therefore, if you thoroughly enjoy music then here are some of the liveliest places to be with your friends or family to spend some of the most enjoyable evenings in Dubai.

    The Dubai Opera – A Mandatory Place to Visit on your Holidays in Dubai Cheap

    The Dubai Opera is one of the main places to visit if you thoroughly enjoy and appreciate music. The Dubai Opera is a centre for performing arts with a capacity to accommodate 2000 people. It was built in the shape of a traditional sailing vessel of Dubai. It opened in 2016 and entertains the people by holding musical performances all year long. The Dubai Opera house is one of the most known venues because it is a multi-purpose site where you can enjoy famous musicals, operas and movie screenings along with live music played by the orchestra. Therefore, the Dubai Opera is one of the best places for you to visit on your holidays if you are looking to be entertained by classic musical pieces and performances.

    Dubai Jazz Festival

    The Dubai Jazz Festival is the perfect event for people who absolutely love jazz music. Your holidays in Dubai cheap is guaranteed to be one of the most unforgettable time of your life if you attend this entertaining event. Dubai Jazz Festival is one of the most famous events in the UAE and was conducted for the 16th time in 2018. It brings together some of the most talented and popular jazz artists from across the globe and takes place every year in February. This event continues for three days with different artists who line up to perform and entertain a great number of audience every year. Therefore, if you plan your holidays in the month of February then the Dubai Jazz Festival is one of the most important events to attend for an amazing musical experience.

    The MusicHall

    The MusicHall was originally operational in Beirut and opened on Palm Jumeirah, Dubai in 2013. The MusicHall is one of the best places to visit on your holidays in Dubai cheap if you are looking for a single spot with great music, food and a lively environment. If you are a music enthusiast and have an interest in a wide range of musical genres then this is the perfect place for you to visit because almost every genre of music is performed here by extremely talented groups or individuals. The performances are changed after every two hours at the MusicHall with an interval in between where the audience enjoys excellent food and groovy tunes.

    Lucky Voice

    Lucky Voice  is one of the most exciting and entertaining places to visit if you want to spend a music filled evening with your friends or family. Lucky Voice provides the perfect opportunities for groups of people to not only enjoy great music but also to participate in it. This establishment provides a number of private sections that can be booked by groups of people to enjoy a karaoke night out with their friends or family. Therefore, your holidays in Dubai cheap can be a fun experience if you go out for a karaoke night at the Lucky Voice with your loved ones and sing to your heart’s content without any hesitance or fear of being judged.

    The Fridge

    The Fridge is located in the Alserkal Avenue and it is one of the most popular places where one can discover some of the most talented local musicians. The Fridge is a talent management agency, founded in 2007 that focuses on showcasing a wide range of local talent and entertainment which is culturally diverse and sensitive. There are a number of  music festivals  and concerts held by the agency throughout the year that make sure people are introduced to the different musical genres of Dubai and the artists of their city. Therefore, to get an insight into the music and talent that can be found in the city you should definitely visit one of the events organized by The Fridge on your holidays in Dubai cheap.

    Key Takeaways!

    Dubai is one of the most visited cities in the world because of the architectural wonders, amazing beach experiences, extravagant nightlife and a multicultural environment. It also provides a number of opportunities for people to explore the history, culture, traditions and even the music of the region through some of the sources mentioned above. Therefore, if you are passionate about good music and appreciate talent then visit the above-mentioned places on your holidays in Dubai cheap for one of the most entertaining experiences of your life.

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